01 February 2007


Literary journals, magazines, anthologies, and other venues based in North America are encouraged to submit their publications to Best American Fantasy so that the content can be considered for inclusion. All publications received will be listed in Best American Fantasy. Please send two copies of materials for consideration to:

Jeff VanderMeer (BAF Coordinator, POB 4248, Tallahassee, FL 32315), who will pass materials on to the guest editors.

Eligible short fiction must fulfill the following rules.

  1. A work of respectable literary quality first published in a U.S. or Canadian periodical (magazines, anthologies, websites, etc.)
  2. Publication in English by U.S. or Canadian writers, or foreign writers who have made U.S. or Canada their home.
  3. Original publication as short stories. Excerpts from novels will not be considered.
  4. Work longer than 10,000 words will not be considered.
  5. All work to be considered must be received by January 16, 2008.

The definition of fantasy shall include fabulation, non-realist fiction, magic realism, surrealism, post modern experimentation, cross-genre, etc. The editors will apply as wide a definition of the term as is necessary for the integrity and quality of Best American Fantasy. Editors or individuals should not pre-judge the fantastical content of individual stories or periodical issues but simply send in all possibly relevant materials. Sending tearsheets is discouraged.

Individuals and editors of online magazines can make recommendations via the Best American Fantasy Recommendation Form found to the right. No self-published work will be considered.

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