27 February 2009

BAF Moving to Underland Press!

We are pleased to announce that the Best American Fantasy series is moving to Underland Press for the future, starting with Best American Fantasy 3, guest-edited by Kevin Brockmeier. We owe thanks to Prime and Sean Wallace for helping the series get launched, and thanks to Victoria Blake at Underland for giving us a new home.

Kevin has made his preliminary selections for BAF 3, and once I have secured reprint rights for all the stories, I'll announce the contents -- it's a pretty exciting list!

BAF 3 will be published by Underland in early 2010.

17 February 2009

Volume 2 ... still coming...

As Jeff has noted, volume 2 of Best American Fantasy got held up because of the economic downturn that has affected the entire publishing industry. According to Amazon.com, it is now in stock there, and with luck it will be available elsewhere soon.